Cookie Orders

All cookies are freshly baked, please allow 24 hours on all orders. To order call (210) 351-6349 to order.

Only for in restaurant pick up. NOT available for shipping.

Cookie Jars

Pastry Orders

All pastries are freshly baked, please allow 24 hours on all orders. To order call (210) 351-6349.
All orders are for customer pick up and not available for shipping.

Whole Cherry Strudel$25.95

Whole Peach Strudel$25.95

Whole Apple Strudel$32.50

Whole Pecan Nut Roll$36.95

Large Pastry Order$72.75

Serves: 25-30

2 apple strudel
2 peach strudel
3 cherry strudel
2 pecan nut rolls
2 cinnamon rolls
2 sticky buns
2 coffee cakes
2 double chocolate walnut brownies

Small Pastry Order$44.75

Serves: 15-20

1 apple strudel
1 peach strudel
2 cherry strudel
1 pecan nut rolls
1 cinnamon rolls
1 sticky buns
1 coffee cakes
1 double chocolate walnut brownies

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