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Specials of the Day!


19maralldayRoast Beef Deli Sandwich

20maralldaySmoked Turkey Wrap

21maralldaySmoked Turkey with Brie Cheese Sandwich

22maralldayPioneer Meatloaf

23maralldaySpinach & Mushroom Quiche

24maralldayQuiche Lorraine

25maralldayQuiche Lorraine

26maralldaySpinach & Mushroom Quiche

27maralldaySpinach & Mushroom Quiche

28maralldaySpinach & Mushroom Quiche

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Soups of the Day!


19maralldayBacon Cheese Soup

20maralldayPotato Leak Soup

21maralldayBeef Vegetable Soup

22maralldayTomato Basil Soup

23maralldayBroccoli Cheese Soup

24maralldayBroccoli Cheese Soup

25maralldayBroccoli Cheese Soup

26maralldayBroccoli Cheese Soup

27maralldayBroccoli Cheese Soup

28maralldayBroccoli Cheese Soup

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