The downstairs Restaurant reflects the Art Nouveau style of the 1920’s, characterized by the use of stained glass, symmetrical lines and extensive plant motifs. Constructed between 1915 and 1918, the room reflects the miller’s trade, with plaster bundles of corn and wheat used as supports for the mantel and wall buffet.

The room’s colors reflect the stained glass pathos ivy panels in the transom and fireside windows. The ivy grows from planters in lower window panels and uniquely winds around all upper panels. The twelve light exterior windows are quite unusual, having originally been designed to slide fully into the lower exterior walls, opening the room completely to the river breeze.

All replacement glass used throughout the house is a special hand-rolled glass made at the turn of the century and now produced only in Germany for use in restoration work.

Glass in all the interior doors is on-quarter-inch beveled glass. The leaded interior windows have the same motif as the doors on the cabinet in the vestibule.

One of the Restaurant’s most unique features is the light fixtures cast of solid copper. Chinese dragons with lily pads and lotus blossoms form the sconces and reflect motifs Erhard encountered on his trip through China. The bowls of these fixtures are alabaster.


“Ballroom-style” seating has been chosen for the Restaurant. This style was relevent at the turn-of-the-century in hotels and restaurants.

The paneled walls in the Dining Room are of the original redwood. The lower vestibule and the Parlor entrance are paneled in quarter-sawn oak. The plaster panels above the wainscot were originally embellished with hand-painted grape clusters, leaves and vines framing each panel. The top of the wainscot served as a plate rail. The exterior Dining Room windows are a very fine German glass, while the wall sconces and matching chandelier are a Flemish-syle and are antique brass. The ceramic tile floor is another lovely feature of this room. The origin of these tiles is unknown, and therefore, irreplaceable.

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